Why Blogging is Essential for the Business World

An interesting and informative blog is a good tool for a company to have for many reasons. I read the article Top 10 Benefits of Blogging from Forbes by Jayson DeMers, and I found many of the benefits to be very valuable.

If you want your company to generate more customers, a blog is an effective way to do that. DeMers explains that the more you post, the bigger increase in search engine traffic. More pages from the blog become indexed in search engines, which helps get your company out there more and increase website traffic. Another benefit of blogging is that it humanizes your company. Blogging can give a personal touch, and make customers really connect with you personally. It will also build up your trust and increase your brands likeability.

Improving conversation rates is something I found really important. An active blog shows that your company is alive and well. For example, I often see different companies responding on Twitter to tweets with comments or concerns. A blog can do this in a similar way. Improving conversation really personalizes the company and makes the customer feel important. You can answer questions people may have as well on your blog.

DeMers states that one of the most important parts of having a blog is that it achieves freshness, which Google finds really important. When Google sees new content being added on a regular basis, they reward sites with better visibility. Updating your blog everyday really increases these chances.

Blogging definitely will differentiate you from your competitors.  By increasing search traffic, you will increase customer trust, which will lead to an increase in sales. Blogging will tremendously increase a company’s profit. With all the positives, why wouldn’t you start a blog for your company?

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2015/05/28/the-top-10-benefits-of-blogging-on-your-website/4/#7477bd18509e


One thought on “Why Blogging is Essential for the Business World

  1. Hey! I love how in depth you have went with this assignment and how you used Forbes.com as your resource. I had also wrote about how we, as human beings, now interact with blogs more than we ever had though possible before. It was enjoyable to read how you linked the importance of blogging with that of the usage of things such as google and twitter. I hadn’t taken into consideration the importance of increasing your search traffic but definitely have since reading this. I look forward to your future posts for this class!


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