An Unethical Experience

I have experienced many unethical events at my workplace, but this one really stood out to me. I work at a grocery store, and the experience happened up front with the cashiers. There is a beer cooler near the cashiers, it’s where the beer is restocked for customers to purchase. One day, two of the underage cashiers stole Mike’s Hard Lemonade and put it in their coffee mugs to drink at their register.

They thought they were being sneaky. There are no cameras up front (just fake ones) so they figured they could get away with it. Also, the front end manager was counting a drawer in the back room right when they stole it. The cashiers got caught because they ended up telling some of the other cashiers about what they did that day, since they thought it was funny that they were going to get away with it. They even had one of the cashiers look inside the mug and smell the drink. Luckily, she ended up telling the front end manager and he caught them.

The managers of the store ended up firing the two cashiers. They also mandated that there be clear containers up at the register with only water in them.  I found this experience to be so ridiculous. Not only did they steal alcohol, but they were also underage, and they drank it while working. I couldn’t believe they thought they could get away with it since there are no cameras. I’m glad that they got caught and I hope they learned a valuable lesson.


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