Writing Challenges

I have many writing challenges that I need to improve on. Grammar, being too wordy, and sentence flow are a few examples. I found the class Business Writing to be very beneficial to me this week.

One website I learned about and found very valuable was the OWL Purdue website. I highly recommend it to all of you. Any writing problem you can think of is on there for assistance and reference. I am definitely going to be using that website in the future.

I believe it was helpful to learn how to write a memo as well. I have often wondered how to write one for the business world, and now I feel a lot more comfortable with it.  Writing a memo is something every business student should learn how to do.

I feel a lot more comfortable with my grammar too. Doing some exercises in class have greatly improved skills. I noticed as we went over the exercises how many mistakes I was making. I now know which form of a word to use and when to use it. I am also confident of where to put my commas and semicolons.

The only content I wish the class spent more time on is sentence flow. I find it difficult for me to connect my sentences in my paragraphs. This is the one writing challenge I really need to work on. Since I feel we did not go over it in class much, I am going to be spending some time on the OWL Purdue website for help in the future.


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