The Importance of Claim Letters

Learning how to write a claim letter is crucial as a business student, but also in general. If you buy a faulty product or experience bad customer service, you should let it be known to higher management of the company. Customer satisfaction is always important to a company.

There are important steps to take when writing a claim letter. Your introduction must open with a main idea, your body should give details and justify a request, and your conclusion should be a call for action. You must be specific, deal with one problem at a time, and be clear on the request of action at the end. It is also crucial to watch your tone in a claim letter. It can be easy when you are greatly dissatisfied with something to come off angry in a letter, which will not help the matter.

When writing a positive response letter, you should start with the main idea, provide details/explanation, and then end with a courteous close. You want your customer to be satisfied and continue business with your company.

When writing a negative response letter, there is a direct and indirect approach. Direct is used when firmness is necessary, the bad news won’t come as a shock, and it isn’t that bad. Indirect is used when the audience will be displeased or emotionally involved. When writing indirect, you should start with a buffer, give reasons, and be clear with information, and close with a positive approach.

I have learned a lot from this module and I hope you guys will benefit from this post. Every business student should learn how to appropriately write a claim letter, especially when dealing with customers.



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