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There are several different types of messages in the business world. They can be delivered on many formats such as memos, letters, E-mails, and text messaging. Different types of information can be expressed through different message outlets.

Memos are used when writing intrinsically. If you have a detailed proposal, recommendation, or a new policy, use a memo. Basically, write a memo when you are looking to make an impact. When a message is too long for an e-mail, you should write a memo as well.

Business letters are used typically when targeting a specific individual or group. Letters must also have a clear and concise purpose. Most importantly, the letter should end with a specific objective. The writer should be clear on what they want from the person receiving the letter. Both letters and memos should have space at the bottom for a handwritten signature.

E-mail is a fast form of communication. It can be used to convey basic information and can be easily accessed by everyone in the organization. E-mail also serves as proof that the receiver got the message. E-mail is used for marketing as well in business. Companies should not convey bad news through E-mail. Also, companies must remember that once an E-mail is sent, it can never be taken back.

Text Messaging is growing popularity in the business world. Texting should be used for very short messages. It can be helpful to let the employees know of the office being closed. Not everyone checks E-mail right away, but it is ensured that employees see a text message much quicker. Announcements can also be sent through e-mail, such as the notification of a staff meeting.

With all the forms of messages in business, one must be sure they are using the correct format for the information that is being conveyed to the employees. Technology is constantly growing, so who knows what the next form of communication may be.


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