Social Media Use in Business

Social Media is an important component nowadays with any business or company. The use of Social Media is growing each day for people of all ages. Getting the word out to customers old and new is a smart marketing and sales strategy.

The use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-mail, Pinterest, and YouTube are all effective ways of connecting with customers and increasing sales. Having “Facebook only” or “Twitter only” promotions can increase a company’s following and sales. By E-mailing subscribers weekly, companies can easily advertise to a large group of people. They can inform customers of sales or coupons that will be going on as well.

I also believe it is important to connect with customers. On Twitter, companies can directly respond to customers tweets, whether it be complaints or compliments. Facebook can do this as well by replying back to comments on their posts. Having a good connection with customers and excellent customer service is something that helps a company thrive.

Overall, I believe every business should be involved on Social Media somehow. I think that is something that the customer looks for when discovering a new company. The customer wants to be updated and more connected with a company that they enjoy. Many are also looking for deals and promotions. I believe that it looks bad for a company to have no Social Media involvement. Social Media is constantly growing and I feel that companies who ignore this marketing strategy will suffer in the long run.



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