Presentations in Business

Since I am not really sure what part of the Business Field I want to go into, I will be discussing the various ways employees in business use presentations.

For accounting and sales; an employee may have to make a presentation discussing sales figures for the company. Another possible presentation could be discussing accounts payable and receivable on the accounting spectrum.

For marketing; an employee may make a presentation on new marketing ideas. Whether it be a new billboard, radio advertisement, or even a new sales technique; such as coupons. A person in marketing will always have to share their ideas with the rest of the business, to get everyone on board with the new marketing strategy.

For Human Resources, a manager may have to make a presentation on new company standards or rules. They may also have to present on something that happened within the company, that may need to be reported.

Regardless, every student in the Business Administration major needs to work on their presentation skills. No matter which branch of business you go into, you will need to make a presentation at some point in your career. Employers have told colleges countless times that they look for strong presentation skills in graduated students. So, no matter what, practice presenting!!


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