Using LinkedIn to Network

Networking is an important component when applying for jobs. You can go to career fairs or use LinkedIn, which is a lot faster and easier. LinkedIn is like a professional Facebook. It’s basically an online resume, where you can put your education, job experience, and skills, all on one platform.

It is essential to have a professional looking profile picture. A professional head shot in professional clothes helps you stand out to employers. It has been studied that employers are more likely to gaze over your profile if you do not have a profile picture.

When you list where you have worked,  it’s important to list the skills and accomplishments you have achieved at your workplaces. Basically, just like a resume.

Many people think that they need to have as many connections as possible. While this may be nice, it is not necessarily relevant. Having relevant connections can  help you network easier and more efficiently.

It is also important to join groups. You can get relevant information and news from your field and it’s another way to network with others.

Hopefully by using LinkedIn you can establish more connections with professionals and it may lead you to a new job opportunity. Do not forget to put on your resume that you have a LinkedIn account, that is something employers like to see.


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